Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started working with SBD Consulting?

Simply contact us today by calling: 03 8609 1090 or email:
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As a Builder, what would I get from SBD?

– Clear documentations (Structural & Civil Drawings)
– High responsiveness regarding alterations
– High-quality dilapidation reports and flexible site inspections
– Reliable advice on construction methodologies

As a Developer, what would I get from SBD?

Project management service from land aquisition to project completion
– Professional engineering reviews & advice on designs, drawings and construction methodologies
– Effective liaison with other personnels in the projects (architects, builders and council town planners, etc.)
– Cost-effective structural & civil designs which does not compromise the aesthetics of your homes

As an Architects/ Building Designer, what would I get from SBD?

– Respect and understanding of your achitectural concepts
– Ability to complete challenging structure for fulfilling your ideas into a sustainable dwelling
– High responsiveness to get to the perfect products between our endeavor
– 15 years of past experience working with different architects resulting in positive WOM

When do I need an engineer?

There are many instances when you may require the services of an engineer, but most commonly you will enlist an engineer when you are planning to build or renovate. An engineer has the knowledge and training to calculate the forces needed for your structure to be built safely and soundly.

What does an engineer do?

Engineers ensure that your planned build, renovation or structure is safe and built to Australian Standards, prioritising efficiency and structural integrity. An engineer will also support you in creating design solutions that are innovative, agile and cost-effective. This can save you money and time in both the short and long term.

At what stage of the design process should I involve the engineer?

Involving an engineer from the beginning is ideal. Engineers can provide valuable input from your idea’s conception, selection an appropriate structural system, right through to construction and completion.

How long will my plans take?

We aim to get your plans ready for you as soon as possible so you can get your project underway in a timely fashion. Contact us about your project to discuss the turnaround time you can expect.

Do you offer your services outside of office hours?

We understand that our clients are often at work during normal office hours, so we can organise a time that suits you. This could be before or after work or even on weekends as needed.

Do you offer services in my area?

We provide engineering consulting services Melbourne-wide and across Victoria. Contact us to discuss your project.

What if I need alterations or change my mind?

Minor changes can be actioned quickly without additional cost.

What level of documentation will an engineer provide?

A high-quality consulting engineering service can provide you with comprehensive documentation that ensures the construction process can proceed smoothly with minimal delay or disruption. When discussing your project, it’s essential to cover what level of documentation your consulting engineers will provide.

Will using a consulting engineering service be expensive?

Utilising the services of consulting engineers will create value, maximising the end result of your project. When considering the overall project cost, engineering fees are small in comparison to the time and cost saving during construction as a result of creative, well thought-out design and documentation.

How do I know what size engineering firm I should engage for my project?

The size of the engineering firm you require will depend on the project you are undertaking. For most residential and medium density projects, residential engineering firms are ideal as they have extensive experience in the design of projects in that category. For larger projects such as commercial, industrial and high-risk projects, a larger engineering firm could be a better fit.

At SBD Consulting Engineers we are experts in Residential Structural and Civil Design Services. Contact us with more information about your project and we can let you know if our services will best service your current requirements.

Why is a building inspection so essential pre-purchase?

A building inspection is a must before purchasing to ensure structural integrity and prevent you from making a costly or unsafe purchase. The result of a building inspection means you choose whether to proceed with a purchase with confidence.

Will I need a building permit to do renovations or extensions to my home?

This depends on your location and the specific alterations you have in mind. For any structural work you will most likely require building plan approval. Get in touch with us to find out for sure.

Do I require a building permit for a retaining wall?

Yes, depending on your local council. Most retaining walls over 1 metre high require a building permit.

Do I require a building permit for a carport?

Yes, depending on your local council. You a will most likely require a building permit to construct a carport.

How do I know which walls are load bearing?

This can be difficult to ascertain with certainty. All external walls will be carrying a load, and any walls running perpendicular to your ceiling joists are typically load bearing. Our team can provide you with a thorough inspection and report to determine your load bearing walls.

What is the importance of storm water management?

Storm water flows to local creeks and waterways where fish and other marine life reside, and people swim or enjoy recreational activities. Ensuring we don’t allow litter, oil, chemicals and other waste to pollute our storm water and therefore these waterways is important for the environment, wildlife and safety of the community.