Other Services

At SBD Consulting Engineers in Melbourne, we can provide the highest quality service for a wide range of engineering needs across a variety of projects.

In addition to our Civil Engineering services, Structural Engineering services and Project Management packages, we can assist with the groundwork and signing off of your project.

Site Inspection

We understand the value of a comprehensive feasibility study. The outcome can be of crucial importance to clients’ investment. Therefore, we can provide a wide range of evaluations including analysis of existing conditions, identifying potential issues and even work ability constraints due to existing adjoining structures.

Our site inspection services include:

  • Reports of Distressed/dilapidated Buildings
  • Engineering Reports – Footing Inspection, Frame Inspections and more.


Your design will need to be assessed to ensure it meets various standards and regulations. We can provide you with Certificate of Compliance when the time is right — whether it’s time to commence construction or to obtain a building permit.

We also provide independent verification of design, which means your project’s structural design is reviewed and can provide early detection of any potential problems prior to construction. This service is advised for your project to achieve the optimum and cost effective engineering solution.

Site Supervision

SBD Consulting Engineers can provide site supervision services that enable us to deliver a level of confidence to our clients that the construction is being undertaken in accordance with the certified design documents and standard building practices. Less stress for our clients with peace of mind that the project is being completed to the highest possible standard.

Additional Design Services

If you’re looking to enhance a building or structure, our design services could support you with comprehensive and effective design in the following areas:

  • Design of Swimming Pools
  • Design of Signage Structures
  • Design of Racking Systems
  • Design of Modular Structures
  • Design of LGS framed Structures
  • Design of Lightweight Wall Panels
  • Organise Soil Tests
  • Organise Land Surveys

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